DEWALT Demolition Hammer SDS Max 10Kg | D25899K

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Break concrete and masonary with the robust and comfortable DEWALT D25899K Industrial Demolition Hammer Max 10Kg

  • Powerful and durable 1500 Watt motor delivers outstanding concrete breaking perfomance
  • In line design for better handling and quick change chisel adjustment allows fast orientation of the chisel through 12 preset positions
  • Magnesium housings ensure maximum durability and minimum weight
  • Compact, streamlined design allows access in confined areas
  • Large oversize hammer mechanism delivers extreme durability and excellent concrete breaking performance
  • Ergonomic inline design ensures user comfort during any application
  • Modular design allows for quick access to key compnents allowing for faster and cheaper servicing.
  • Multi adjustable side handle can be located anywhere on the hammer barrel, maintaining user comfort in any application
Technical Data

Technical Data

  • RATING   Industrial
  • POWER   1500W
  • IMPACT ENERGY   17.9 Joules
  • IMPACT RATE (1ST GEAR)   2040bpm
  • LENGTH (CM)   65.0000
  • WIDTH (CM)   13.0000
  • HEIGHT (CM)   25.0000
  • WEIGHT (KG)   9.9000
  • CARRY CASE   Carry Case


  • 1 x Demolition Hammer
  • 1 x Side handle
  • 1 x Kitbox


Additional Safety Instructions for Demolition Hammers

  • Wear ear protectors. Exposure to noise can cause hearing loss.
  • Use auxiliary handles supplied with the tool. Loss of control can cause personal injury.
  • Hold power tools by insulated gripping surfaces when performing an operation where the cutting accessory may contact hidden wiring or its own cord. Cutting accessory contacting a “live” wire may make exposed metal parts of the tool “live” and could give the operator an electric shock.
  • Be certain that the material being drilled does not conceal electric or gas service and that their locations have been verified with the utility companies.
  • Keep a firm grip on the tool at all times. Do not attempt to operate this tool without holding it with both hands. Operating this tool with one hand will result in loss of control. Breaking through or encountering hard materials such as re-bar may be hazardous as well. Tighten the side handle securely before use.
  • Ensure the chisel is secured in place before operating the tool.
  • In cold-weather conditions or when the tool has not been used for a longer period of time, let the tool run with no load for several minutes before use.
  • When working above ground level ensure the area below is clear.
  • Do not touch the chisel or the parts close to the chisel immediately after operation, as they may be extremely hot and cause burns to the skin.
  • Always direct the power cable to the rear, away from the chisel.
  • Do not operate this tool for long periods of time. Vibration caused by hammer action may be harmful to your hands and arms. Use gloves to provide extra cushion and limit exposure by taking frequent rest periods.
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