Tork Craft Hinge Boring Bit 35mm Titanium Coated


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A hinge bore is required if you need to use cup shaped euro hinges for a wooden cupboard door.

How to use the Hinge bore bit:

The radius of the hinge bore is 17.5mm and it is also the centre point distance. It would be safe to have a 4-5mm shoulder from the side of the cupboard door. So the distance from the edge to start boring is 17.5+4.5=22mm.

It is critical to bore the correct depth. Most cupboard doors vary in thickness from 16-22mm. The standard depth to bore is 13mm for most euro hinges.


Hardwoods require a slow speed when boring. The hinge bore can easily be sharpened using a diamond file.

Use a drill press, it is easier to control the correct depth adjustment. It is also possible to make a jig for future hinge boring.

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Or split into 4x interest-free payments Learn more